With 11 Cars And Dry Ground, A Girl Is Able To Write A Message To Her Father In Space

Apr 16, 2015
Stephanie is a 13-year-old girl who lives in the Houston area and her dad is in space, currently stationed at the International Space Station (ISS). She wanted to send him a message and Hyundai Motor decided to help.

With their New Thinking campaign, which focuses on connecting families that are split apart by distance, Hyundai brought together a team to solve this problem. Experts from Europe, Korea and the U.S. came together and brainstormed the optimal location to display a message to the astronaut, based on both geographical and meteorological factors. The decision to use the Delamar Dry Lake in Nevada was made.

Hyundai sent 11 Genesis model cars out to the area and set to task to create a message from Stephanie that is more than one and a half times larger than New York's Central Park. Using tire tracks to create the message, it also set a Guinness World Record for largest tire track image.
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