With A Greyscale Painting Bob Ross Proved Even The Color Blind Can Paint.

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Painter Bob Ross hosted the PBS program "The Joy of Painting" from 1983 until 1994. His pleasant attitude and joyful demeanor built a loyal audience of amateur painters across the world. Ross wanted to bring the joy of painting to every viewer, so when someone told him at a public event that they couldn't paint due to a disability, he accepted the challenge of proving them wrong.

The man who approached Ross was colorblind. He told the host, "I could never paint because I'm colorblind. All I can see is gray tones." Ross found the idea someone couldn't paint unacceptable, so he made a special episode of his show precisely to prove that anyone can paint.

Utilizing the greyscale Ross crafts a lush nature scene for the viewer, taking exactly as much time as he would on a standard painting. Even working without his traditional bright color palette Ross creates a gorgeous image full of depth and light.

At one point, he marvels after finishing up some mountains, “Isn't that fantastic? That you can make whole mountains in minutes? And you can do it. There's no big secret to it. All you need is a dream in your heart." For Bob Ross, anyone could paint. All they needed was the dream and the will to pick up a brush.