You Can Hear His Heartbreak In The Song He Wrote When His Fiancee Left Him.

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Danny Brewer grew up in the suburban south and never really had any interests other than music. His father helped to strengthen that love by teaching him the guitar each day, after he returned home from his work as a construction worker.

Throughout his high school years, Brewer played in several bands, but never saw much success. And, when his friends and former bandmates went off to college, he stayed back to focus on his music. After years of experimenting, he felt he had finally found his own sound and developed the eclectic folk band Besides Daniel. Not the only band he was involved in at the time, it was initially more of a side project that eventually became his life.

It has evolved and currently features a rotating cast who bring in whatever instruments make sense. Brewer is currently crowdfunding his next album on This particular song was written just after Brewer's engagement was called off by his fiancee, and his pain is certainly felt by the listener.