YouTube's Most Famous Cats Enjoy A Day At The Supermarket

Jun 15, 2016

The internet has changed our lives in all sorts of incredible ways. From social media that allows us to keep in touch with faraway friends and relatives, to news websites that help us stay informed about the most current stories, we benefit from the internet every single day. The most beloved result of the internet, however, might just be the rise of cat videos.

People have recorded funny videos of cats since long before the internet was ever invented. But now, thanks to sites like YouTube, we're able to share the best cat videos from around the world. As a result, a number of "celebrity cats" have emerged. Cats like "Grumpy Cat," "Keyboard Cat," and that adorable cat who says "No" have brought us endless laughs over the past decade. Many of them have truly become larger than life, with Grumpy Cat receiving her own line of merchandise, as well as a feature film.

So, what would happen if you put all of these famous cats together? That's the question that European supermarket chain Netto seeks to answer in their latest commercial. The ad is already going viral after just one week online, and, after you watch it, it's no wonder why. All of the internet's favorite cats are finally hanging out together. Even if they don't have an official name, we've seen each and every one of these felines at some point during our internet escapades. See if you can spot your favorite cat wandering the aisles of this meow-velous supermarket! If only it existed in real life ...

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H/T: nettotv

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