Cat or squeeze toy?

Newborn kisses.

Coca-Cola canon in ‘Star Wars.’

The drum doesn’t make the drummer.

Human helps cat retract super long tongue.

Squirrel messing with water balloons.

Beautiful peacock marbling.

The microscopic beauty of our tears.

The car wash fights back.

Dolphin says “yes” to love.

Baby duck slide.

Insane onion peeler removes skin with air.

4-year-old’s adorable hole-in-one.

Water rowing machine bursts at gym.

All aboard the Puppy Express!

Playing the cardboard drums.

Penguins play with a bubble machine.

Adopted cat asks for attention.

It’s time the piano did some heavy lifting.

Small plane crashes into sidewalk.

Awkward audition.

66-year-old mom/drummer goes viral.

Clever math rap.

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