Gymnast’s shorts fall during routine.

3-year-old Chinese calligraphy prodigy.

Hero nurse saves man at softball game.

Only 100 orcas hunt this way.

How to design your own robot hand.

Kitten stuck in car asks to be rescued.

Shoemaker-Levy 9 impact on Jupiter.

Scuba diver surprised by submarine.

Concrete block crushes car.

Chatting with 1950s high schoolers.

World’s largest air raid siren.

Sometimes fishing goes wrong.

Happy dog can’t stop smiling.

The sound of 24k gold bass strings.

Remember this crazy song?

Cats recreate ‘Star Wars’ scene.

Kitten responds to translator app.

They said she can’t play blues on bagpipes.

Monte the singing donkey.

Incredible FlipDot Tetris display.

Kid beatboxes as teacher reads Dr. Seuss.

The trick to chipmunk fishing.

Dog will NOT get out of the pool.

Man proposes during Supermoon.

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