Turtle’s first strawberry.

Meme song on $1 piano.

Amount of pollen in this one tree.

Giant tortoises go full speed.

Cat and pheasant breakfast club.

Waves swallow SUV stuck on beach.

Baby Yoda jam sesh.

Rail line passing at 186 mph.

Alaska safety dance.

Carving paintings reveals color and depth.

5 straight backflips on the beach.

Kid slays on the drums.

Cute sea lion responds like dog.

Skittles in humidity.

“Useless” machine gets sassy.

Bulldog’s reaction to actress in distress.

Jumping into a vertical pool.

Enchanting full hula performance.

Nicholi Rogatkin’s epic 1440 from 2017.

Face of legendary pharaoh comes alive.

Pilot perfectly steps onto moving ship.

Glazing ceramics with bubbles.

Skiing one line down Mammoth Mountain.

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