Fake skin moves on its own.

Girl teaching cats to draw.

Vehicle size comparison.

Smart topology demonstrations.

Banned cartwheel shot put technique.

Insane guitar wizardry.

Soothing peacock marbling timelapse.

4 men play ‘Billie Jean’ on one guitar.

Steve Carell’s joyless laugh.

Otter has the best manners.

Eddie Van Halen’s elephant trick.

This frog fights like no other.

What color is an orange?

Dog photog.

Frogs attempt fly-eating video game.

Strout nabs rabbit ten times its size.

Strange massive turtle filmed underwater.

Spelling bee karma.

An instant millionaire at Wisconsin casino.

Dog-operated catapult.

Dog howls in harmony with flute.

Softy dad jumps in puddle with daughter.

Out-of-control yacht.

When a cat steals your bed.

How many ducks is too many?

Guy wishes he could wear hats.

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