Spanish town covered with sea foam.

Just saying her name sounds like music.

Chess has a phantom queen.

The cutest working circular saw.

1933 Motorcycle chariots.

Best cheerleading coach ever.

Cat but in hyper mode.

Almost “unheard of” ocean encounter.

Car and driver sliding in ice storm.

Kid reporter rocks post-game NFL interview.

You will want one of these gadgets.

Boy includes lone kid playing catch with dad.

Squid is master of disguise.

Jaguar stalks crocodile.

Huge volcano eruption from space.

Sizes of world’s tallest statues.

Didn’t see this coming.

Playing the electric fan “harp.”

Tiny dwarf mongooses at play.

Super close-up of whale tail slap.

This French makes no sense.

How to dock in severe weather.

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