Beach tourists surprised by massive wave.

Robot octopus moves like the real deal.

Eagle takes off with GoPro.

Giant paper airplane achieves flight.

3D animal size comparison.

A mesmerizing display of human coordination.

Grouper swallows shark in one gulp.

Cheeky elephant takes woman’s hat.

Giant bears fight in Finland.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a giant dog?

New French bulldog dad plays with new pups.

London pickpockets caught on camera.

Massive croc takes on drone.

Illusion uses gradual change.

Clever donkey escape.

Potato physics with a knife.

German Shepherd makes best workout buddy.

Excited pup causes household mayhem.

Fox with bossy girlfriend.

Bill Murray’s no-look putt.

Ambulance back doors left unlocked.

Fire in the hole!

If you poke the cat.

Man builds igloo mansion.

Tea bag on fire.

Camera gets sucked out airplane window.

Everyone in ‘Star Wars’ getting ready to go.

Dog loves the big car wash brush.

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