Silver Surfer card trick.

Beautiful tandem surfing.

Banana dessert is all the rage.

‘Mr. Sandman’ parody is trippy.

Diver making bubble rings.

Amazing water and sound experiment.

1,000 dachshunds gather for mass walk in London.

Aha’s ‘Take On Me’ by an 8-bit.

500-year-old painting with optical illusion.

Tiny baby chameleon changing colors.

Delightful sounds of guinea pig breakfast.

Fantastic drawings by Jeopardy! contestants.

Northern lights timelapses.

“There IS no such force.”

Eagle steals fisherman’s catch.

DIY stairwell church service.

Check out Adam Savage’s favorite marker.

Using paper cup to fix a flood.

Duck caught wearing shoes.

Agile cat tiptoes across fence.

Steering giant aircraft.

Great white vs. fake seal.

Muskoxen of NYC.

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