9 Dads Who Completely Dominate This Whole "parenting" Thing

Mar 12, 2016

For some people, learning how to be a good parent takes a little while to get used to. There are those who are born with a natural ability to be a good caretaker and role model, while others have to work on it. This is especially true for men; there's a saying that a woman is a mother when she becomes pregnant, but a man doesn't become a dad until the baby is born. This obviously isn't true in every circumstance, but many will tell you this is more often than not the case.

Great fathers can provide all the difference in a child's life, so watching them in action is a real treat. This four-minute compilation of great dad moments is here to celebrate the often humble task of being a father to a young child. These dads are always around to crack a joke and lighten the mood, and their kids love it. Whether it's singing a made-up song in the bathroom with a little girl or just making silly noises, these men have the Dad thing down. 

My personal favorite has to be the father who used "the force" on his kid to make her fall down over and over again. That is some great daddy-daughter teamwork. I also love hearing the laughter of the moms behind the camera. It's a good thing they were filming, because I am going to be watching this over and over again. 

H/T: KyootKids

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