A Photographer Manages To Capture The Image Of A Lion Just As It Charges To Attack

Apr 15, 2015

Life as a nature photographer is likely a job that is often laid back, allowing the photographer to breathe in the serene surroundings. This time though, for the Pakistan-based photographer Atif Saeed, the experience was anything but serene. In fact, this experience was probably best described as surreal.

Saeed had observed a lion at the safari zoo park near Lahore. He got out of his jeep and started to take a few photos when the sound of the camera's lens apparently got the lion's attention and soon, the pair locked eyes. Since Saeed was sitting on the ground, the lion must have thought he was prey.

The lion began to charge and was as few as 10 feet from him when the large cat lunged toward him.

Luckily, Saeed was able to scramble back into his car. But, before he did, he was able to snap these unbelievably menacing shots of the King of the Jungle.

Credit: Bored Panda

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