An Ode To First Responders

Mar 15, 2016

If you think your job is tough, take a second to think about first responders. These specially-trained policemen and women, firefighters, and paramedics are certified in pre-hospital medical care and are the first to arrive at the scene of an emergency. From getting to the scene as quickly as possible to making the right calls once there, every second counts. They hold lives in their hands, and make quick decisions that mean the difference between life and death on a daily basis. It really puts that report you forgot to file or your boss's bad mood in check, doesn't it?

While “first responder” as a general term can refer to any medically trained personnel who arrives first to a scene, it's not to be confused with a certified first responder, otherwise known as an Emergency Medical Responder or EMR. Their medical training is more advanced, and includes bleeding control, emergency oxygen administration, and the use of external defibrillators. They are also responsible for moving and transporting patients whose delicate conditions leave them at risk for further injury. In other words, they are the people you want to see in your most desperate moments.

Unfortunately, high rates of violence and crime in our country (and around the world) have resulted in more and more of these desperate moments. In fact, in the northwestern United States, it's estimated that 9-1-1 dispatch sends first responders to a call every six minutes. This video is an ode to their resilience, strength, and courage. It's admittedly a small token of thanks, but a chance for everyone to stop for a moment and appreciate all they do. Paired with Charlie Puth's hit song “One Call Away,” it's quite a sobering reminder.

One Call Away

One Call Away...

Posted by 6 Minutes on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

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