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Family vacations are strange, I tell ya. Especially the older you get. Personalities clash. People argue. Sometimes (but hopefully not) fisticuffs break out. And there’s usually a lot of GUILT. (“What do you mean you’re going to do something by yourself today?”).

Mary Beth Barone is a comedian in New York City, and she recently decided to launch a preemptive strike because she did the unthinkable: she wanted to go on a date during her family vacation.

Gasp! I tried to do this in 2004…but I got stood up…and I’m still not over it…

So Barone presented her family members with a pamphlet by answering all questions related to her upcoming dating experience. This is brilliant.

I think my favorite potential question is “What’s the parking situation in Miami?” A Mom and Dad question if there ever was one.

And people on Twitter were lovin’ it.

Bravo! Everyone out there, keep this great idea in mind for your next family vacay, okay?