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This would drive me insane!

I don’t live in an apartment anymore, but when I did, I definitely remember neighbors who I couldn’t stand because they were rude as HELL.

And some people have it even worse these days because of Airbnb renters always coming and going.

But this couple fought back!

Check out what happened!

My GF got an illegal Airbnb ring in her apartment complex busted.

“We live in a new and small apartment complex, only 40 units within 2 buildings. It’s very low-key and within walking distance to our downtown. It’s very affordable for how convenient a location it is.

There’s someone new next door…

Back in September we noticed the vacant unit beside us was getting moved into by a new tenant with furniture, decor, etc. One weekend not long after moving in we heard what sounded like a little party with music and loud voices well past midnight.

We heard a lot of people coming in and out of the front door, but letting the door slam each time to where it shook the walls. Maybe they were having a house warming party or a friend’s get together at the new place. So we brushed it under the rug as a one-off incident.

For the next few weeks we noticed a variety of people coming in and out of this apartment and none of them seemed to be the same individuals. Parking also started to become much more busy than usual as well as the cars kept changing. So, something seemed off.

This wasn’t going well…

My GF started working night shift for her job not long after the neighboring apartment became occupied. She is a light sleeper and noticed that all throughout the morning and before going to work the neighbor’s door was always slamming and shaking the walls.

She understands that people are active in the day and she can’t ask people to cater to her night shift needs, but she felt the constant slamming of doors was not only disruptive, but unusual behavior.

One particular morning was the straw that broke the camel’s back. She had finally had enough because of the effect it was having on her sleep. She wanted to see who was slamming the door.

She heard the door slamming around 1030 am and got up and witnessed people walking to their car with suitcases and leaving. Soon after a man arrived and pulled up the front doormat and retrieved a key and let two women with cleaning supplies into the apartment. Each time they entered or left the door would SLAM and shake the wall.

A ha!

Seeing this she searched Airbnb and almost immediately found the rental unit next door. Same floor plans, wall paint, flooring, etc. To our surprise and anger we found a total of FOUR listings in our apartment complex alone on the host’s profile. That is 10% of the apartments in our buildings.

Through the listings we found the individual’s LinkedIn and business website. On his website he claims that he does something called “rental arbitrage”.

Essentially this is renting out a long term rental on short term basis (lease an apartment and rent it on Airbnb for profit). This can be done legally with the landlord’s permission. The lease agreement does not allow for sub-lettng or short term rentals.

They were renting out 3 of the 4 ground end units offered (units with unique floorplans). The 4th unit was a handicap accessible unit. That’s right.

They were not cool with this.

This man and his business partner leased an apartment meant for accommodating people with disabilities with the intention of using it for his little short term business empire he was trying to build. Our city and region (like in other places) has been feeling the squeeze on apartment availability and these jerks are contributing to the problem.

It was at this point we took this personally as we had our own problems dealing with apartment availability, wait-lists, disappointment, and frustration.

Time to make a phone call…

My GF called the leasing office and notified them that the neighboring unit is being rented out on Airbnb and asked if that was allowed to which the office gave an emphatic “absolutely not” and asked for the listings to be sent to them in an email.

Later that day the office called her back and said they notified the “tenant” that they will be inspecting the apartments the following afternoon.

Showed them!

After the inspection was completed the office notified that they had sent a cease and desist docent of any rental activities outside the lease agreement or face eviction. They also informed us that “you should not have anymore problems concerning the matter and if you do, don’t hesitate to give us a call :)”.

Now, this jerk has four leases he is stuck paying $1500/month for and can’t make anymore money on through Airbnb. He is bleeding money at the tune of about $6,000/month.

His only legal options are to continue paying for them or to break the leases and vacate. Last week we watched as movers emptied out the apartments. I’m sure they lost deposits and/or were penalized for breaking the leases. A very expensive lesson for being greedy “entrepreneur”.

Don’t be jerks, folks. Also, don’t **** off a night shifter trying to sleep.”

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