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I used to live in Chicago, and doing something like this was grounds for getting your *** kicked.

I’m talking about taking a parking spot that someone else shoveled out during the winter months.

Not a good idea!

Check out how this woman handled a parking dispute!

Take my parking spot that I just dug out? Fine, I’ll bury your car.

“This happened a couple years ago.

It had snowed a bunch and so I went out to clear a spot for my boyfriend at the time for when he got home from work (police officer). I spent a while digging it out, and as I was finishing up some girl drove up and parked in it (while I was still shoveling it!).

That’s a big no-no.

I told her that I just dug it out intending to use it and asked her to move, and she didn’t. She then got out of her car and walked away… Turns out she lived two buildings down so she normally wouldn’t park there anyways!

We’ll see about that!

Our complex had a mini snow plow and the dude was plowing in the area and saw this all go down. He helped me move all the snow from the pile he just created and put it all around her car. We buried it up to the door handles on all sides. He then dug out a new spot for me.

Saw her later trying to dig out her car, turns out she didn’t have a shovel.

So, naturally, because I’m petty I went out and reshovelled the sidewalk from the lot up to our building, and threw all of the snow on her vehicle while I did it. Then went inside and took my shovel with me.”

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I bet she won’t do that again!

Nice work!