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Boy, am I glad I don’t work with any crazy people anymore!

I definitely have in the past and they made every day on the job a lot worse than it needed to be.

And the woman you’re going to hear about is a real doozy…

Check out how her co-worker put her in her place!

Put in my two weeks notice, covert narcissistic supervisor reveals herself.

“I (30f) have been working at a super small construction company for the past 2 years.

She got a new position.

I’ve put my best foot forward every day, and never had any issues with anyone in the company. As of 3 months ago, they moved me from an in-field coordinator to an accounting position. It was an emergency move as one of the employees stole 80k from the company and they needed an immediate replacement.

My new supervisor, we’ll call her Mary (34f) was always super kind to me and we’ve became pretty good in-work friends. Well these past couple months have been Hell, I don’t like the new position, and to be fair, I’m not very good at it. So I found a new position and I’ve been keeping it a secret for a while. I let the owner know first and he was very kind and receptive to it.

Oh, Mary…

The issue started when Mary got word of it. She immediately cornered me and started going on this rant saying things like; “Why didn’t you tell me? You’re being incredibly unfair and selfish. I can’t believe you would do this to us, this is unacceptable. Don’t ask me for a referral because you are not getting one from me” etc.

I politely told her that the opportunity was something I simply couldn’t pass up.

She then went to the owner and asked for any details I might’ve given to him about the new company and new position (I believe to try to sabotage me leaving), and thankfully I hadn’t discussed any details about it with anyone. It was awkward after that, but I didn’t think anything of it.

Mary couldn’t let it go.

The next day when things took a turn for the worst. Mary decided to be petty and removed all of my authorizations to any accounts I had so I couldn’t perform any of my daily tasks. I didn’t want to leave on a sour note, so I brought it up to the owner as Mary was OOO (out of office) that day.

He re-authorized my accounts and I continued to work. Mary was back the following day and was completely livid that I had went around her and talked directly to the owner. Her actions towards me would only get worse from here on out.

The next day, I came in to notice that my desk was moved and my computer access was taken away yet again.

Cue the malicious compliance.

Okay, I’ll just kick back and relax!

Since I couldn’t do any of my daily tasks, and really didn’t feel like dealing with a screaming Mary- I was on Reddit for basically the whole day.

At the end of the day, Mary came into my new back storage “office” and said “Busy day today? I know mine was.”, I just smiled and said “Yep! Exhausting”.

She did not like that response and went to the owner to say that I was purposefully not doing my job, and my last two weeks would be pointless so we should just let her (me) go now. The owner disagrees- calls me into his office, and after I explained what she had done, he gave me access again, and told Mary to work from home.

Another day goes by, it’s extremely peaceful now that Mary is working remote, but unfortunately this does not mean my day was getting any easier.

Instead of taking my access away- she had IT start forwarding all my emails to other employees in other departments that had nothing to do with my specific position.

At this point I only had three days left and so I just took it as “OK, this sucks for them, but it’s on Mary’s head if anyone has any questions.” I looked at my PTO and I had way more than I had thought! So why not use those for my last days?

Smell ya later!

And that’s exactly what I did. I was originally supposed to let all vendors know and start forwarding them off to the appropriate people, and interview second round candidates for my position, but not any more.

The owner was completely okay with it, and understood that Mary was being toxic and that he would have a talk with her about her attitude and position if this continues.

Now with my last two days, and me being on PTO, I finally thought I was safe from Mary. But low and behold she was still holding a massive grudge, as if me leaving my position was a personal attack on her.

She called me at 4:30 in the morning, and left me a voice mail saying our company was having an “Accounting Emergency” and I need to come in IMMEDIATELY.

I called her back about 4 hours later, which she was fuming about, and went on a massive rant about how I’m extremely entitled, I will never get any where with my attitude, she’s embarrassed for our company to say that I ever worked here, that if she ever finds out where I will be working she will make sure that I’m fired and will never get a job in this town again.

I laughed at her, and she went ballistic- like when you take a 4 year old’s toy away. Screaming so loud her voice was shaking, saying silly things like I have no respect for her or the company and that I will rot in hell.

I hung up on her once she started bringing my family into things. I called the owner and explained to him what happened- which he wasn’t shocked about and had told me that when she came in that morning she was going on a rampage like the Tasmanian Devil.

Mary went too far.

After finding out why she was freaking out, he promptly fired her. I was shocked- since this was such a small company and he definitely needed her.

I had heard from another coworker that she ended up destroying a bunch of company property on her way out and now she’s facing a lawsuit due to the damages.

So thankful she revealed her true self to everyone & that I’m far far away from that company and her.”

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Mary sounds like a whack job!

I’m glad they don’t have to deal with her anymore.