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I have a friend who rents an apartment close to where I live and her landlord makes her jump through hoops to pay her rent every month.

Drop it off here, do PayPal this month, etc.

It never ends!

And this Reddit user decided to teach their landlord a lesson when it came to rent time.

Check out what happened!

Charge me a fee to pay online, enjoy your trip to the bank.

“The property manager for my apt recently changed hands and the new company has a policy where if you don’t set up autopay they will charge you $10 to pay via a one-time ACH (every time).

They’re not too into this idea…

I feel extremely uncomfortable having such a large payment on auto pay as I like to ensure my bank account is funded and they didn’t charge me incorrectly.

However, you can still pay by check with no fee and their office is only 2 doors down so it’s pretty simple to drop it off.

Also I love that it takes them around a week to cash the check so it doesn’t come out of my account right away.

I win, you lose!

I’m 90% sure that they do in fact drop these checks off due to the copy of the endorsed check I see online.

Either way, they aren’t getting their money instantly, so I view it as a win either way.

If only everyone started paying by check again we could show these jerks not to charge senseless, greedy fees.

If there is a logical reason why they should charge for an ACH, but not for an autopay of an ACH let me know.

To me seems like it is the same type of transaction.”

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