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Oh, boy, here we go again

It’s another story from Reddit’s “Malicious Compliance” page about a boss who is a micromanager…and who also happens to be clueless…

But this story has a happy ending!

Check out how this person handled this tricky situation.

Fleet Inspections.

I used to be the foreman at a food distribution company with a fleet of about 100 units in total.

Every quarter, there was a “document inspection” that essentially made sure that all the legal paperwork was together in case DOT ever pulled a unit over.

Things had to be in tip-top shape.

Each technician needed to be clocked on to a repair order for each job they would work on. This made it easy to track time to measure efficiency but more importantly how much time was spent on each unit in a certain timeframe. (If any unit had high labor times, it would go to considerations to retire it).

And for our quarterly inspections, I would make a generic “document inspection” repair order to knock out all of them in one shot. Instead of going back and forth to clock off one and clock into another. Easy, right?

The new guy showed up…

The company made a position called “Director of Transportation” and the guy they hired had no concept of time management.

We butted heads quite a bit because he liked to micromanage things that really didn’t matter.

I’d give examples but it would drag this on.

This guy was a jerk.

Anyway, he was adamant about making a repair order for EVERYTHING. (Even sent an email DEMANDING this is to be done)

And after explaining the complexity of his request, he waved me off like I was a peasant.

So I made a repair order for one unit, walked to the truck, checked all the paperwork, walked back, noted the work done and closed it.


He had over 100 repair orders and over 9 hours of labor to do something that usually takes about 2 hours if you do it all at once.

You asked for it!

I was called into his office the next day.

He then wanted to write me up for “insubordination”. I asked to have a member from HR present.

When they showed up I showed her the email chain of what he wanted.

There was nothing he could do. He literally asked me to do it that way.

I left the company and the techs followed to work for me at another company.

We all made sure to let them know it was because of him. Not a month later, a driver reached out and told me they fired him.

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