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Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, like a slow eater.

And you can take that to the bank!

And now that we have that established, it’s up to you to decide if you think this woman acted like a jerk to her friend who obviously has a SLOW eating problem.

Check out what she had to say…

AITA for asking my friend to eat before we go shopping or tell me if she wants to eat?

“I (32f) have a good friend (31f). We spend a lot of our hanging out time window shopping, walking around shops and trying stuff on.

Her friend is sloooooooow.

We get along really well but she’s a very slow eater and drinker, to the point that last week she bought a sandwich and a coffee it took her an hour to eat it.

She also won’t walk and eat/ drink, but has to be sat down (which is fair enough).

This however does mean that if we meet up and I’ve already eaten, I just have to sit there and watch her eat and drink for an hour.

We do spend that time chatting, but it’s still a little dull for me.

After last week, I asked her if she’d mind either eating before we meet up, or telling me earlier in the day if she’s going to get something to eat so I can make sure I haven’t eaten either.

That didn’t go over very well.

She got a little upset and thinks it’s not a big deal to sit and wait while she eats as she’s not always going to know if she’ll be eating before or after we meet up.

For info, this is not an eating disorder, this is just the way she eats.


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