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This is a tough one

And honestly, it seems a little unfair…

You’ll see what I’m talking about in just a minute: now quit wasting your time, read the story below, and see if you think this person is wrong for what they’re doing to their son.

AITA for forcing my son to sell the car he is inheriting?

“My father passed away in December. He owned a classic car. I believe it’s a ’50s Chevy bel air.

My son (17) is the only grandson he had. I have one sister who has 2 daughters, and I have 2 daughters along with my son.

So there are 5 grandkids in total.

This is a pretty sweet ride.

My dad was never much of a girls guy. He always got along with the boys more than the girls.

Him and my son were very close. He has left the car to my son in his will. The rest of the grandkids got $4,000 each.

The vehicle is valued at over $70,000.

My sister is LIVID, I am very unhappy as well.

It’s just blatantly unfair to his 4 other grandkids. I don’t understand the legality of the situation because it was left to him but he is currently underage.

They have a plan for what happens next.

The car is currently held at my moms house. I don’t know how to force him to sell it, but I think that is what should happen and the money can be decided equally amongst the grandkids.

The way it should be.

My son is very upset about this, he says grandpa left him the car so it’s his car.

I have money saved for his college, I am almost considering telling him that his college money will be divided up amongst his sisters and cousins if he refuses to sell the car.


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