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I know what I’d do if I was given a choice like this!

I’ll take the animal over the human any day of the week!

But that’s just my opinion…

Was this teenager a jerk for what he said to his mom?

Check out what he had to say…

AITA for telling my mother I would always choose my cat over my stepbrother?

“I(16m) live with my dad. My mother lives with her new husband and my stepbrother(13), both of whom I’ve only met once at the wedding.

There are some interesting rules…

Her new husband doesn’t want me to visit her at their place since he’s worried about my dad knowing where she lives and visiting and trying to rekindle their past relationship.

So she visits me instead.

He got an odd request…

She wants me to spend time with my stepbrother but couldn’t bring him over since he is severely allergic to cats, so she asked me if I’d be okay with getting rid of my cat.

I told her no.

She protested, saying that if I don’t then I won’t ever get to know my stepbrother so I told her I don’t care, and that I will always choose my cat.

My mother was rather upset when she left.

Said that I shouldn’t have been ‘so dismissive’ of her feelings like that.”

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I’d say the same thing.

To hell with that noise!