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Source: TikTok/@krazyalex

Deals, deals, deals!

We all love deals!

And a woman named Alex took to TikTok to fill folks in about what’s going on at Walmart.

Alex said that post-holiday deals are abundant at the chain superstore on things that are Christmas-related and even after Valentine’s Day…but you have to seek them out.

Source: TikTok/@krazyalex

Alex took viewers on a stroll through her local Walmart and she showed them how a box of Rice Krispies Treats with a Christmas tree on it was 75% off in January.

That’s not a bad deal!

She scanned the box with the Walmart app on her phone and confirmed the price reduction.

Alex said, “Anything Christmas on that *****. Scan it. It could be at the top shelf. Get up there and get it.”

Source: TikTok/@krazyalex

She told viewers that it can be kind of hard to find these sale items, but it’s worth it.

Alex added, “I can confidently say Walmart has one of the best after-Christmas clearance sales out there.”

Source: TikTok/@krazyalex

Take a look at the video.



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Here’s how people reacted.

This person was glad they learned something new.

Source: TikTok/@krazyalex

Another TikTokker has obviously done this before…

Source: TikTok/@krazyalex

And one person had some issues with this whole thing…

Source: TikTok/@krazyalex

We all love a good deal!

Thanks for the advice!