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It pays to know your rights!

And the person who wrote this story on Reddit’s “Malicious Compliance” page seems like a pretty smart cookie!

And it’s a good thing they knew what was coming to them when their old boss tried to screw them out of some money they were owed.

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Old boss told me to contact his lawyers. So I did…

“I got fired from my job due to an injury, and had to be hospitalised for a significant time.

In my contract it stated that if had more than xxx amount of sick days in a 12 month period, i could get my contract terminated with 1 month notice.

It was time to get the union involved.

So that happened and of cause I contacted my union. They told me it was a legal termination, but they asked about a specific part of my contract which was about my commission.

Turns out I’ve missed out on some special commission during my employment and totally missed it when I read my contract when I got employed (Can’t really get closer to which kind of commission due to my anonymity)

This was a good chunk of money.

My union advised me to contact the boss, show him the part of my contract, and proof of the missing comission and try to get a settlement. I was looking for what is equivalent to 3000€

I went to see my boss, and started with a nice chat. After about 10 mins I brought up the issue, and showed him my contract and showed him that I’ve never gotten the commission stated in the contract.

My boss told me straight up to contact his lawyers, and that we were done talking and told me to leave.

It was time to do some research.

Cue malicious compliance…

I went home, looked every paycheck through and set up a meeting with a lawyer.

We found a lot of small mistakes on my paychecks and summed it all up.

We sent an official letter to his lawyers, and got a answer from them a few days later. Now he was willing to settle for first amount (equivalent to 3000€) i smiled and laughed.

Oh, boy…

No can do…Mr. Boss Man. Not anymore. Now I want the full amount. Which is equivalent to 10,000€ + pension + 15% in damages + all the legal fees.

And I have proof of everything to backup my claim.

Due date of the court. And guess what? He lost big time.

I’ve now planned a nice vacation and still have more money than I asked for in the first place.”

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