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Source: TikTok/@xojacckss

I never would’ve thought that someone would be able to return a couch to any store after owning it for two years, but I guess I was just plain WRONG.

A woman named Jackie posted a video on TikTok and told viewers that she was able to return a couch she bought at Costco after owning it for TWO YEARS.

Jackie said that she was nervous about trying to return the couch after owning it for so long but she added that Costco has “an awesome return policy.”

Source: TikTok/@xojacckss

She told viewers, “Buy your furniture from Costco, girl. You can return it when you don’t like it anymore.”

And she even returned it without a receipt!

Source: TikTok/@xojacckss

Jackie explained, “She just asked me if there was anything wrong with it, or [if] I just didn’t want it or like it anymore. And I said I just didn’t like it anymore—we just don’t like the color anymore. And they gave us our full refund to his card.”


Source: TikTok/@xojacckss

Take a look at her video.


Returning my couch to costco ✨ #costcoreturns #costcotiktok #costco

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Let’s see how folks reacted.

This person was not impressed by what she did.

Source: TikTok/@xojacckss

Another viewer said this is all on Costco.

Source: TikTok/@xojacckss

And one person thinks she needs to be found out for doing this.

Source: TikTok/@xojacckss

Man… these people are really going in on somebody for trying to save a little money.

Chill people!