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Car dealer tried to rip me off, ended up having to pay inflated maintenance bill themselves.

“This happened about 17 years ago in a major city in the very south of the Netherlands with a Renault dealership.

I had a new job and we needed a second car. We bought a new Twingo, a car that went for about €12.000.

There were 2 stipulations in the contract when we bought the car. #1 was that we had to get financing through Renault. And #2 was that 3 years maintenance was included.

We financed a minor part for 3 years at 0% interest.

After the first year, I took the car for its first service. I had about 12,000 km on the odometer. When I dropped the car off I was asked if there was anything that needed attention. I think I answered something like, “Do whatever you need to do…”.

Then they got the bill…

In the late afternoon when I picked up the car 3 rather bulky men were standing behind the service desk. I remember they were really focused on me when I was presented with the bill. The bill was for about €1000. And for a 1-year-old car with just 12k km!

I immediately understood what had happened.. They must have figured that they could inflate the bill with all kinds of nonsense maintenance actions since I gave them carte blanche, and to avoid any troubles they made sure that I could be intimidated by them being with 3 people.

I just very friendly asked for my car key.. “But you have to pay first!”, “No I don’t, please may I have my car keys?¨. Instead of enlightening them straight away, I kept going like this for a bit longer.

They knew what was up…

When things started to get a bit unfriendly I reminded the rep that I had bought the car at this dealership including 3 years of maintenance…. All 3 guys turned a few shades lighter…. frantically searching for the contract.. whispering, moving away to the office out of earshot… It took about 10 minutes before the rep came back out and handed me my keys…

It pays to look over that contract!

I ended up getting its 3rd service just before the 3 years had elapsed, and as soon as I got the title to the car, I traded it in for a car of a different brand. And as you would expect the bill for the second and third services was less than €300 to €400.

They did everything they were supposed to do and way more, and I complied as well by reminding them that they were responsible for all costs.”

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