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Well, this is a first!

I don’t want to give too much away, but this is a pretty unusual “Malicious Compliance” story from Reddit

And we think you’re gonna love it!

Take a look at what happened!

Followed Special Instructions Left by Customer.

“I work at a pizzeria that offers delivery service. At the time I was driving a beat-up car with a broken headlight that was held in place with duct tape.

I had to replace the tape every so often when it got old and didn’t hold the headlight anymore so I just carried a roll of duct tape in my car at all times.

You’ll see why this matters later.

A couple years ago I got a delivery order with one cent pre-tipped on the card.

Just following directions!

They also requested “no contact delivery” so I was supposed to just leave the pizza there on the ground and not wait for them to answer the door.

In the special instructions they wrote “leave pizza on door” I figured it was a typo and they really meant “door step” or maybe English wasn’t their first language.

Let’s see if this works!

Nevertheless, instructions were given and it was my job to follow them.

Remember that roll of tape that I mentioned earlier?

Yeah this is where that comes in.

I took the roll of duct tape and taped the pizza box to their front door.

They never called the store to complain, I never got in trouble, and they always left a 4 dollar tip any time they ordered pizza after that.”

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