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Source: TikTok/@ugh_madison

We all deserve love…

Even if it happens to be with an inanimate object!

Hey, to each their own, right?

A TikTokker named Madison posted a video on the social media platform and gave viewers a sneak peek into her night out…with a cardboard cut-out of actor Jacob Elordi.

And the “couple” decided to hit a Texas Roadhouse restaurant for the night!

Source: TikTok/@ugh_madison

In the video, Madison and her beau sat in a booth and she ordered for her beloved. She said to the waiter, “Me and my pookie wookie dookie smookie bear will get the smothered chicken.”

Source: TikTok/@ugh_madison

The server told other diners, “Attention, Texas Roadhouse. We have a very special guest with us tonight. This is pookie wookie smookie bear—he’s here on his very first date. Let’s give it up for him.”

Madison said, “I have the best boyfriend in the world” and the two of them ended up playing air hockey at an arcade.

This is what true love looks like, people.

Source: TikTok/@ugh_madison

Here’s the video.


Jacob Elordi tried taking me out on a date 😭❤️ #jacobelordi

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And here’s what folks had to say.

One viewer seemed to be embarrassed for her…

Source: TikTok/@ugh_madison

Another TikTokker wants to go to the next outing.

Source: TikTok/@ugh_madison

And this person was IMPRESSED.

Source: TikTok/@ugh_madison

That was hilarious!

Thanks for the laughs!