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Source: TikTok/@courtneywithacee

The woman you’re about to hear from knows how to pay attention…

Her name is Courtney and she shared a video on TikTok where she talked to viewers about something surprising that she discovered at an Old Navy Store.

She said she went to Old Navy to buy some clothes for her kids but she ended up not buying anything because of what she saw.

Courtney said, “I didn’t want to make this video in there because those employees… are just doing their job. But this is insane.”

Source: TikTok/@courtneywithacee

She pointed out that she found two pairs of the same kind of leggings in different sections of the store, one that cost $5 and one that cost $8.

Courtney added, “Same pattern, same colors, same material, everything.”

Source: TikTok/@courtneywithacee

She told an employee about the different prices but the worker told her that they’re just doing what they’re told.

Courtney explained, “So Old Navy had the leggings that were $5, they put them up to $10, and now they’re promoting them for $8. That’s pretty ****** of Old Navy.”

She continued, “I’m not buying anything in that store. Get it together.”

Source: TikTok/@courtneywithacee

Check out the video.


Like @Old Navy Official what is going on? This is why i thrift 😂 #oldnavy #scam #momsoftiktok

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Here’s what people had to say.

One viewer thinks they’ve already been in trouble…

Source: TikTok/@courtneywithacee

Another person just doesn’t get the prices there.

Source: TikTok/@courtneywithacee

And this TikTokker thinks Old Navy has become too expensive.

Source: TikTok/@courtneywithacee

Sounds pretty fishy to me…

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