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Source: TikTok/@missbriiiice

I feel like DoorDash drivers who have delivered food to my house have forgotten my drink about 75% of the time…

It drives me crazy!

And I guess I’m not alone, because a TikTok user named Brice posted a video and WENT OFF on DoorDash for constantly forgetting her drinks and not giving her refunds.

Source: TikTok/@missbriiiice

Brice didn’t hold back and she said, “I’m so ****** off right now. It’s literally not even the amount of money it’s the whole principle of the thing. On Thursday I ordered Taco Bell, okay, I did not get my drink.”

She continued, “I have proof, from the Dasher’s picture that they took of the food on my porch, that I did not get my drink. And the Dasher even called me and told me that Taco Bell was out of ice. So I was not gonna get my drink.”

“I had ordered Taco Bell, three times in one week, mind your business, okay don’t judge me, I did not get my drink every time and I couldn’t figure out why until the Dasher finally called me the last time and was like hey they’re out of ice. You’re not gonna get your drink.”

Brice decided it was time to ask for a refund.

Source: TikTok/@missbriiiice

But it didn’t go very well…

She said, “DoorDash denied my refund twice for something I paid for. I’ve called them three times in the last hour. Every time they’ve hung up on me and said well it’s at their discretion they don’t have to refund you.”

Brice added, “And I’m like, I paid for it, and they’re like it doesn’t matter. DoorDash you can go **** yourself.”

Tell us how you really feel!

Source: TikTok/@missbriiiice

Here’s the video.


@DoorDash ARE YALL FR ??????? I’ve spent so much money on this app and y’all are hanging up on me for THREE DOLLARS????? Time for uber eats #doordash #customerservice #horrible #dashpass #ubereats

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Let’s see how people reacted.

One viewer asked a good question.

Source: TikTok/@missbriiiice

Another TikTokker said Uber Eats is even worse…

Source: TikTok/@missbriiiice

And this person gets really peeved about something they try to pull.

Source: TikTok/@missbriiiice

It’s enough to drive a person nuts!