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Source: TikTok/@ghostsoda

I’ve never understood why big-time fashion companies feel the need to rip off independent designers who are struggling to make a living.

But you hear about it all the time…and a woman named Hannah took to TikTok to put a company on blast who she says ripped her off.

Hannah has her own clothing line called Ghost Soda and she said that a company called Minga London stole a design from her and sold it on a tie.

She said, “One of my followers messaged me with this link that Minga London stole my design and put it on a tie, and now they’re selling it on their website. And not only that, but Minga London preaches ethical design, ethical fashion.”

Source: TikTok/@ghostsoda

Hannah continued, “I’m, like, on the verge of tears because that is my eyeball. What’s actually beyond messed up is this is my handwriting and that’s my eyeball and the rest of it is just a swirl. Like, this is 100% my design. Like, that’s my eyeball, that’s my handwriting.”

Source: TikTok/@ghostsoda

She added, “I’m just confused and mad and frustrated because they’re probably going to make thousands of dollars off of this design. Meanwhile, I’m struggling to pay my tuition for my education.”

Source: TikTok/@ghostsoda

Check out what she had to say.


@mingalondon SHAME ON YOU FOR STEALING MY ART‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ You dont care about ETHICS!!!!!!! #mingalondon #stolenart

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Sounds like she’s being ripped off, huh?

Well, that doesn’t sound good!