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When natural disasters happen, it’s easy to feel helpless – like there’s nothing you can do to fix things. But you don’t have to be a French billionaire to make a difference after a disaster! One woman’s generous donation to the Nebraska flood victims is proof.

Thanks to a “bomb cyclone” in March, much of Nebraska was devastated by catastrophic floods. Over 2000 homes and 340 businesses were damaged or destroyed, per NPR, and at least three people died.

A woman named Addy Tritt donated 204 pairs of shoes to the Nebraska flood victims. Addy isn’t a billionaire — she’s a 25-year-old graduate teaching assistant from Hays, Kansas. She got the shoes by stopping by a local Payless shoe store that was having a closing sale, and she even negotiated with the store to allow her to purchase the shoes at a price she could afford.

The majority of the shoes were baby shoes.

The retail value of the shoes was around $6000. In the end, Addy only spent $100, but the shoes will still make a difference to dozens of families.

Addy sent the shoes to her alma mater, Fort Hays State University, which was gathering supplies for people affected by the floods.

“I’ve done huge donations in the past and this is the biggest I’ve ever done,” Addy told CNN. “I have this need to help people and if I can help, I’m going to do it.”

Photo Credit: Addy Tritt

“This is just part of being a human being,” Addy said. “It brings me so much joy.”