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Things can get testy when it comes to baby names…

No doubt it!

So was this guy out of line for how he acted toward his sister over a name?

Let’s see what’s going on here…

AITA for shutting down my sister’s opinion about our baby name?

“I (25M) am expecting a daughter in November with my fiance Clair.

There’s a theme here…

My name is Cody, so we’d like to keep the C theme going. If we have a boy later, he’ll be Charles after Clair’s grandpa.

My fiance and me really like the name Keelee, but we’re spelling it Ceelee or Cheelee with a hard C to keep the theme.

The problem is my sister Angie (28F). She’s child free, but she’s still very opinionated and judgemental about names. She strongly prefers traditional common names like Emma and Madeline, and she’s been very annoyed about the name we picked.

Last weekend, we went to her and her boyfriend’s place for Memorial Day, and she took my fiance Clair aside, supposedly to “help cut vegetables.”

Actually, Angie just wanted to rip into my fiance with her name opinions.

His sister shared her thoughts.

She said we should forget about Cheelee. She said she’d already talked it over with our mom (Clair’s MIL), and “they’d decided that we should go with Catherine/ Catie instead.”

Clair of course said hell no to that, and called me.

I came in, and I told Angie we needed to go. In the car home, we called my mom, but she wouldn’t admit to “agreeing” with Angie about belting the name.

Now things are tense.

I don’t think my family has veto power, it’s our choice as a couple and they should MYOB.

However: Angie has Asperger’s, and she’s the person in the family who says what everyone’s thinking, but no one will say.

If multiple people in the family don’t like this name, I worry that the negative vibe will impact our daughter.


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