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Kristen Bell has thought of a fantastic way to help teachers prepare for another school year.

She’s using her own Instagram account to highlight teachers and their Amazon wish lists.

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Each Friday, she shares a #FeaturedTeacherFriday Instagram post with a link to a teacher’s Amazon wish list, encouraging her 11 million followers to donate supplies to that teacher’s classroom.

Many of Bell’s featured teachers are from low-income areas. One teacher told Good Morning America that getting featured by Bell changed her life and her list was almost completely fulfilled.

Sixth and seventh grade New York Spanish teacher, Veronica Landa, was featured by Bell in July.

She said,

“I was speechless. I’ve always had an Amazon wish list with the things I wanted for my students but never did I believe this would happen.”

Landa received a laptop from one of Bell’s Instagram followers. Now, she doesn’t have to track all the grades by hand.


Tej Carbone, a second and third grade teacher in Florida is also a school social worker.

The teachers at her special needs charter school are paid less than public school teachers and they are also expected to stock their own classrooms.

With paychecks not coming out until after the school starts, teachers like Carbone have a difficult time buying the supplies they need.

Bell did something similar last year with her hashtag #10featuredteachers. As a mom of two herself, she knows how valuable teachers are and how much they need our support.

Prepared teachers and classrooms to start the year makes a huge difference in the lives of their students.

Way to go Kristen! You rock!