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Don’t you just love it when a completely ridiculous Twitter thread appears out of nowhere? I know I do!

A Twitter user posed this question that really made his fellow Tweeters think…

And the responses starting pouring in!

1. That would be infuriating

2. Drive people nuts

3. Especially if they don’t have kids

4. Uh oh…

5. No!

6. Someone’s in for a rude awakening

7. You’re screwed

8. You just ruined their life

9. Hahahahaha

10. Might be over the line

11. Life = Ruined

12. Bad ending

13. Just for the hell of it

14. That’s not good

15. Pretty much the worst thing ever

What would you steal? Let us know in the comments?

Me? I would steal all of the lids. To everything. Especially the liquids. Because I’m a monster.