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I’ve learned a few things in my time on this earth and one of them is that you never, EVER mess with the postal service.

Because they can screw up your life in a major way!

And this story from Reddit illustrates that point perfectly.

Take a look at what happened…

Misdelivering Your Packages? Let’s Get That Fixed!

“I work at a “small town” post office with over 2,000 residents so we actually have a lot of customers and are extremely busy most of the time.

I have a ton of stories involving wacky customers but I’ll save those for another time. This particular incident happened about a year ago. We have one customer (out of many) who is a complete shopaholic, we’ll call her Barb for this story. She buys and buys getting at least 1 to 2 packages every day.

Barb got annoyed…

Our carrier at the time would take the packages and deliver them to Barb either in her own mailbox or the parcel locker assigned to her. Barb however was extremely lazy and would hardly ever check her box. Fast forward a little bit and suddenly Barb starts calling the office saying that the carrier is misdelivering packages.

Barb spoke to both me and the postmaster and we both sent the carrier many times just to confirm Barb was in fact getting her packages. One day she calls and chews out the postmaster. I don’t know exactly what was said just that she yelled A LOT and eventually said “Stop misdelivering my packages”.

She got even more upset.

So that day my beloved postmaster says “Understood we’ll get that fixed right away” and from that point on Barb would now be receiving slips notifying her that she’s has packages to pick up at the post office. And boy was she not happy about this.

It was also funny to see the few times the husband came in and do a face palm when I hand him almost 20 packages. I’ll still never forget the time Barb came in one day and got her packages and said to me “You know just because I had a few words with the postmaster doesn’t mean you have to stop delivering”.

And I just looked at her smiled and said “Well we wouldn’t want to be misdelivering anything”.”

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