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A middle school reunion, huh?

Well, I’ve never heard of that before, but I guess there’s a first time for everything!

And this woman went to hers and let’s just say it didn’t go so well…

Check out what she had to say and see if you think she was out of line.

AITA acting superior at my middle school reunion?

“Im 23 F.

She didn’t fit in when she was growing up.

In middle school i was excluded and treated really harshly by my fellow classmates. I lived in a predominantly Asian area and am Asian myself, but i was never seen as “Asian enough” by most of my other peers because i was chubby and didn’t do well in school (neurodivergent).

They would constantly be passive aggressive to me and act like i was a pest whenever i was trying to genuinely be nice so i started resenting them and hanging out with the people who actually accepted me.

Things are different now.

I’ve changed a lot. I lost tons of weight after high school and i made friends with a photographer who helped me get a start up with modeling.

I’m nowhere near as successful as a Naomi Campbell but i do high fashion editorial modeling. Im proud of my position and im aware that im very fortunate to be in the position i am in.

Yesterday night was my middle school reunion, i have a good group of friends ive known since middle school so we all went together.

When we arrived i felt uncomfortable and only spoke to my group or the people who didn’t treat me like ****, whenever one of the people who used to act terrible towards me tried to speak to me i just ignored them, continuing to talk and not looking at them at all.

I didn’t see an issue, they did the same thing to me, but apparently it irritated one of the dudes (this one posted my low test score to humiliate me in middle school).

He came up to me and was trying to talk to me but i just ignored him. He started telling me i thought i was better than everyone else and i was acting like a stuck up jerk.

Then she said it.

I replied that i am better than everyone else and that’s why i have a more successful career.

We then had some back and forth because i mentioned that he treated me like **** so he shouldn’t act entitled to my time or respect, at that point my friends told me to let’s just leave.

I personally feel like you dish out what you get, they all did the same **** to me in middle school.

My friends were all on my side but some of them felt like i could’ve tried to be nice to keep the peace.


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