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I’ve really never understood when people are so unappreciative that they waste food.

How rude!

So you can understand why this woman was so annoyed with her stepdaughter’s behavior…but did she go too far?

Read her story below and see what you think.

AITA told stepdaughter she had to start cooking all meals when she visits?

“I have a 19yo stepdaughter (Molly) she attends college 2.5 hours away and visits us a few times a month for 2-3 days at a time.

For the most part, she’s pretty good, and I do love her and enjoy planning activities and outings when she’s here.

Molly’s changin’…

For the past 6 months or so, Molly has become extremely picky about the food my husband or I cook, but not any other food. She will try a dish, take one bite, and if she doesn’t like it, throw it in the trash.

I mean, throw the entire dish in the trash, not just the bite she tried. For ex: I’ll make a homemade lasagna, that she’s had many times before, she takes a bite, decides its not to her liking, and immediately tosses the entire pan into the garbage.

This always happens when neither myself or my husband are in the kitchen with her. We’ve both asked Molly why does she throw the food out, and it’s always the same response, it wasn’t any good and she can’t eat it.

They tried to tell her…

We’ve asked her to please stop throwing away entire dishes because we will eat them and she says she doesn’t want to even look at it anymore. (As far as we know, Molly only does this with us.)

I finally told Molly and my husband (he agreed with me) the next time she tosses a dish either of us has made, she will assume full cooking responsibilities when she’s here. That way whatever is made will be to her liking.

It happened again, and I stuck by what I had said. Molly got upset and went to her mom’s, 30 minutes away, because her time with us or her mom is supposed to be fun and relaxing not having to do chores.

That didn’t go over well…

Molly’s mom called my husband in a rage, screaming how we are treating Molly unfairly, she’s a child, and it’s not that hard to just fix a different meal to make her happy, and accusing us of emotional and mental abuse. (Molly’s mom does not cook so they either go out or order food for all of their meals.)

Molly is currently refusing to visit unless I apologize to her and agree she can do what she wants with the food. My husband misses his daughter, but he’s siding with me on this saying Molly has been wasteful and disrespectful of our cooking and hospitality.

This is a tough one…

We never cook anything we know she dislikes, when she’s here we tend to make dishes that she’s always enjoyed before and ask for her input and suggestions but she says she doesn’t care what we make.

I feel bad because I know this is hurting my husband and I do miss Molly, plus I want her to spend time with us and have a good time doing so.


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How rude!

This kid needs an attitude adjustment.