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I’m gonna go on the record right now and say that this is a weird one.

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The story comes to us from Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page and the person who wrote it seems a little bit perplexed about what the heck is going on here.

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AITA for telling guests to let themselves in to my place and not being home to greet them?

“So I guess I should add that in my ethnic culture there is a BIG emphasis on being a good host and taking care of your family.

Guests are the norm around here.

I live in a popular holiday destination and because of that and also grandkids my parents or my in laws come to stay with us at least every couple months. This means they’re pretty comfortable in our home and know how to get there and where everything is.

My dad was supposed to arrive this morning. My uncle (his brother) decided he wanted to tag along. That was okay with me.

Unfortunately I ended up having some meetings scheduled that I couldn’t rearrange and I would need to leave the house like half an hour before they got here.

Make yourself at home!

I told dad that I’d cooked and left them a meal on the stove, and to use his spare key. He seemed fine with this.

When I eventually got home my uncle asked if we could talk privately and starts banging on about how he didn’t expect me to be so dismissive of family and to be such a bad host. Apparently I should’ve been here to welcome him and serve him lunch rather than make my dad, who is also a traveller, have to do these things.

Get outta here!

I laughed at him because honestly I thought he’s being ridiculous. It’s pretty clear that was my intention but sometimes life happens!

Now he’s been sulking all day and I overheard him threatening my dad with leaving early and not spending time together because of this.


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