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Source: TikTok/@kaya.summer

Here we go again, folks…

It’s another story from a person who rented a place online…and then things went sideways…

A woman named Kaya posted a video on TikTok and told viewers about what went down when she rented a place from Vrbo in San Diego.

She said, “I had a very scary situation happen a couple of weeks ago…We rented out a Vrbo in San Diego over New Year’s. We were there for an entire week.”

She said that on their last night, she heard voices in the living room of the rental at 2:30 in the morning and realized that they were coming from two people she didn’t know.

Kaya said, “There are two strange men in the living room that I have never seen before… And they’re yelling at us, saying, ‘What are you doing here? This is my house. Why are you in my house?’”

The men said that Kaya and her family broke in to the unit.

She explained, “The cops show up. We show them my reservation. They ask us a few questions, and they’re like, ‘Alright, well, have a good night.’ And then they leave.”

Kaya added, “That means that the door lock, like the keypad, was never changed… And there was also no deadbolt on the door that could have prevented the situation from happening.”

Kaya said she got in touch with Vrbo about what happened but it didn’t exactly go well.

She said, “I called Vrbo the next afternoon and said, ‘Hey, this is what happened. This was so scary that I completely assaulted us.’ And Vrbo’s like, ‘Oh yeah, that sounds horrible. I’m so sorry to hear that, blah blah blah.’”

Kaya said she gave Vrbo evidence of what happened but they still aren’t doing anything about it.

Scary and frustrating!

Take a look at the video.


Please help me get their attention XOXO! @Vrbo you need to value your customers and their safety. Get it together. #vrbonightmare #travelnightmare #homeinvasion #fyp #foryou #storytime

♬ original sound – Kaya Summer

And here’s a follow-up video from Kaya.

Check out what she had to say.


Thank you to everyone for your help! Stay safe out there ❤️ @Vrbo #vrbonightmare #travelnightmare #part2 #fyp #foryou #travelsafety

♬ original sound – Kaya Summer

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