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I’m not going anywhere!

That sounds like a line from a movie, doesn’t it?

It sure does!

And the woman who wrote this story AND said that line wants to know if she was out of line.

Check out her story below and see what you think.

AITA for telling my future SIL that I will not be going anywhere and she needs to learn to live with it?

“I dated Max in high school for around a year.

My family life was awful and his parents really helped me in that time. After the breakup they didn’t cut me off even though I know it caused some issues with Max. When I was kicked out at 17, they took me in. Long story short I see them as my parents and they see me as their kid.

I am close to their daughters and have been going to family events for a few years now. Max is getting married to Cindy. I have met her a few times and before this I thought she was fine.

What do you think you’re doing?

Yesterday I was getting some Mac and cheese at the youngest’s birthday celebration when Cindy came over asking what I am doing. I told her getting Mac and cheese and she got angry.

She went on a huge tangent about trying to win back Max and how I’m am not part of the family. That I should get my own family since I am not needed anymore.

That was harsh!

I told her I am not going anywhere and she needs to live with it. I have been part of this family for 10 years at this point. She ran off after that.

I am getting texts from Max that I I am a huge jerk and I need to apologize. The rest are staying neutral and the youngest is annoyed at Cindy.”

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