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One of the sad truths of being a dog lover is that dogs live for such a short period of time. To make matters worse, senior dogs are frequently surrendered to animal shelters, and they’re far less likely to find new homes than younger pups. About 670,000 dogs are euthanized in the U.S. every year, and many of them are dogs who were abandoned in their last days of life.

One woman in the U.K. decided to do something about this problem. Nicola Coyle started a hospice to provide dogs with six months or less to live with the loveliest final days that they could possibly imagine. At the Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice Project, pups enjoy plenty of TLC, plus yummy meals like ice cream and fast food.

“We’ll also take them down to the local pub – it’s really dog-friendly, and they’ll get a steak dinner too,” Nicola told Dog Dispatch.

It can be a difficult life for Nicola, but she says it’s worth it.

“It can be an utterly heartbreaking job,” she said. “But I just can’t bear the thought of them spending their final moments without the love they deserve.”

This is the life every senior dog deserves. For many of the dogs who enter Grey Muzzle, it’s the first time they’re experiencing such luxury in their lives.

“Many have not led a very nice life too, used for breeding or guard dogs, so when they’ve become unwell, they’re not useful anymore and left,” Nicola explained.

Nicola spends up to $500 for each dog from her own pocket to ensure that the rest of their life is the best part of their life.

In addition to caring for dogs in their final days, she also helps re-home senior dogs to loving homes.

“They just want to feel loved and safe. I really believe they should get a nice ending,” she said.

A round of applause for Nicola! What a hero!