Baboon Is Amazed By Man's Magic Trick

Mar 18, 2016

It doesn't matter what age you are or where you come from, it is impossible not to appreciate a good magic trick. Talented magicians know how to set you up for one result, and then completely shatter your expectations. Magic is more than just tricks, it's an attack on everything you thought of how the world is supposed to work. That's why David Copperfield has performed to sold out shows for decades, and every high school talent show features at least one amateur illusionist. 

As we find out in this video, the allure of magic isn't limited to just us humans; even baboons know a good trick when they see one. On a recent trip to the local zoo, one man got the bright idea to perform a trick for one of the baboons in the primate exhibit. Once he got the attention of a particularly curious baboon, he pulled off the classic disappearing card trick. While the trick itself is basic in terms of illusions, it's the baboon's reaction that has taken the Internet by storm. 

As soon as the primate sees what happened, he doubles over in laughter and can't believe his eyes. Sometimes, as this animal tells us, when something happens in life that you can't explain, the best thing to do is laugh. If only this baboon was in the audience for every magic show, I would go to all of them. 

H/T: AFVMobile

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