Dog With 2 Noses Finds A Forever Home Right Before He's Scheduled To Be Put Down

Mar 20, 2016

It's an awful truth of the world that beauty goes a long way in anyone's success. That includes shelter dogs trying to get adopted. Toby was a shelter dog whose time was nearly up. He was about to be given up to a certain death at the hands of the local animal shelter. The rescue that was caring for him couldn't seem to get him adopted out to a forever home.

Thankfully, beauty is also in the eyes of the beholder, and to a man named Todd Ray, the strange, rare, and unusual is beautiful. He spotted Toby and instantly fell for the loveable Australian Shepherd.

Toby was just a happy, healthy dog with an unusual nose, looking for a home.

Thankfully, Todd Ross, who owns the Venice Beach Freakshow, doesn't judge people or dogs by their appearance. Instead, he seeks to celebrate everyone's uniqueness.


In the video for his introduction of Toby as his new best friend, Todd jokes that Toby's nose comes in handy when he's searching for his ball.

Watch and see, this is one dog who, thanks to an owner who loves him unconditionally, doesn't even know he's a little bit different.

We're sure that Todd and Toby are going to have many happy, frolicking, freaky days together, on the beach and off. This is not just a heartwarming story, but an important lesson to everyone. Nobody's perfect. Everybody's different, everybody's got their quirks, and if you can look past those tiny variances or imperfections, you can find a beautiful, wonderful person behind them. Or a beautiful, wonderful dog. Seek joy, seek happiness. Don't seek perfection.

H/T: Todd Ray

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