Japanese Man Makes Tiny, Edible Meals In A Teeny-Tiny Kitchen

Mar 19, 2015

The Japanese never fail to bring something new to the table, especially when it comes to anything edible. As if it weren't already dominating the world of creative cooking, Japanese cuisine has now added miniature food to its list of achievements.

Miniature Space, a unique Japanese kitchen, is definitely something special, as they only use miniature tools to craft their tiny dishes. The precision it takes to build these delectable-looking dishes with tools smaller than your pinky finger must be outrageous.

Right now, Miniature Space is sharing how they make a delicious strawberry shortcake. This is truly an art you have to see to believe.

Who knew just a cookie cutter and a slice of bread…

Would make the perfect mini base for a shortcake?


They keep strawberries in an actual mini fridge. How cute.

Their tiny knife makes the perfect slices.

 Pressing the bread gives this shortcake the best density.

Tweezers are the way to go for perfect placement.

Last but not least.

Frosting is the best part.


Now, for a little decoration.

 Maybe just a little more decoration.

Voila. The perfect miniature shortcake.

Oh look, they even do fondue.

Making pancakes in the tiniest of pans.

Perfectly golden pancakes. Yum.

Credit: Bored Panda | Miniature Space

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