Nov 25 -

Michael J. Fox calls out for "Doc" while doing completely separate movie.

Nov 1 -

All Hollywood VFX removed: What movies really look like.

Oct 24 -

14-year-old with a low movie trailer narrator voice.

Oct 23 -

Bride is late, so the groom starts playing classic movie themes on the keyboard to entertain the guests.

Oct 6 -

These Samoan wildfire firefighters sing like they're straight out of a Disney movie.

Aug 15 -

How to make a blockbuster movie trailer.

Aug 14 -

After 20 years, this is still one of the most mind-boggling visual effects from the movie "Contact".

Jul 24 -

97-year-old Canadian veteran shares his thoughts after watching the movie "Dunkirk".

Jul 12 -

This rare roll cloud looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Apr 29 -

This instrument makes music for horror movies.

Mar 18 -

"Mr. Bean" edited to look like a horror movie.

Feb 21 -

Check out this camera test from "The Muppet Movie" in 1979.

Jan 27 -

Are all the Pixar movies connected?

Jan 18 -

The most breathtaking shots from Disney movies.

Oct 31 -

How movie lovers celebrate Halloween.

Jul 31 -

The making of movie titles.

Jul 26 -

A mashup of every Disney movie from the last 30 years.

Sep 30 -

Split screen showcases the movie magic of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit".

Sep 20 -

This teenager uses shadows to recreate an iconic movie moment.

Aug 17 -

Think CGI is ruining movies? You might want to take a closer look.

May 22 -

Classic action movie scene makes a surprisingly good Mentos commercial.

Mar 24 -

The first and final frames of iconic movies reveal hauntingly beautiful moments.

Feb 6 -

How filmmakers made movie magic before computers.

Nov 16 -

Adorable toddler proves you don't have to be a grown-up to get emotional about a movie.

Apr 6 -

If Arnold had not become a movie star...

Jun 30 -

How movie sound effects are made.

May 3 -

World's smallest movie made out of atoms by IBM.

Apr 6 -

Put this dog into an action movie.

Aug 21 -

If movies were written by our children.

Jun 29 -

"Muppet Movie" 1979 camera test: The banter is so hilariously improvised.

Apr 15 -

14-year-old has a magical, movie trailer voice.

Jan 18 -

If "Jaws" was a Disney movie.

Aug 23 -

Movie titles in movies.

May 28 -

The majority of creepy metallic noises in horror movies are made by this instrument: The Waterphone.

May 16 -

A movie marriage proposal.

Apr 5 -

"Your Secret" is a movie about you by Jean-Sebastien Monzani.

Mar 30 -

"One Man Disney Movie" by Nick Pitera.

Mar 7 -

Disney's movie "Up" in real life.

Dec 15 -

The first movie ever filmed by cats.

Nov 9 -

Love yourself: Beautiful scene from Luc Besson's movie "Angel-A".

Aug 13 -

Eccentric child movie critic.

Aug 13 -

May 2nd, 1938: Home movie of France and Nazi Germany filmed by American tourists.

Jul 25 -

Neil deGrasse Tyson on science fiction movies.

May 22 -

Greatest put down in movie history.

Mar 21 -

Amazing shot-for-shot remake of "A Goofy Movie" opening.

Oct 10 -

All "Rocky" movies in five secs.

Jul 13 -

"Bruno" movie terrorist interview.

Jun 21 -

Technology: Glasses turned into movie screen.

Apr 12 -

Cool stop motion movie.

Feb 15 -

Mr. Bean goes to a scary movie.

Jan 18 -

G-Speak: The movie "Minority Report" brought to life.

Dec 24 -

Movie trailer man Don LaFontaine (August 26, 1940 - September 1, 2008).

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