Sep 28 -

Dad sits down at his son's toy piano to record a cover of "Titanium".

Jul 22 -

When you want to play solos like Slash, but your parents made you learn piano.

Jun 4 -

Piano piece that gets harder and harder every 30 seconds.

Apr 21 -

Beagle plays the piano and sings the horrors of life.

Feb 4 -

Patriotic chicken plays "America the Beautiful" on the piano.

Jan 16 -

Recreating words with a piano.

Jan 3 -

iPhone ringtone piano cover.

Aug 8 -

How to play piano if your hands are too small.

Jul 3 -

"Bohemian Rhapsody" played on a street piano.

Jun 17 -

Who says you need hands to play the piano?

Mar 30 -

Three times a day, this dog sits at the piano and plays his little heart out.

Jan 2 -

When these women start dancing on a piano, the entire store stops and stares.

Dec 21 -

Improvised piano in a Paris train station.

Oct 25 -

Elderly couple plays piano duet on their 60th anniversary.

May 19 -

11-year-old piano prodigy makes playing a notoriously hard jazz piece look easy.

Apr 25 -

A beautiful piano cover of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody".

Mar 24 -

These siblings have a "Frozen" piano duel, with a surprising twist.

Mar 17 -

Listen to this Beatles song, played on an instrument that blends a guitar with piano.

Mar 12 -

This is what a piano master does for fun.

Jan 5 -

Playing the piano on the road and in the air.

Dec 29 -

Little boy sits down on a random piano and plays something amazing.

Oct 16 -

"Piano Hero" teaches you how to play a piano using projections.

Sep 9 -

Emotional old man plays a public piano.

Jun 12 -

Nine-year-old piano prodigy wows judges on "America's Got Talent.".

May 2 -

What happens when a professional pianist tries a public piano...

Apr 29 -

"Bohemian Rhapsody" cover on a street piano.

Mar 2 -

Random kid shows up and nails it on the piano.

Jan 16 -

New invention basically turns guitar strings into piano keys.

Jan 9 -

Experimental piano by Leonardo da Vinci heard for the first time.

Jan 1 -

Backwards piano player.

Dec 16 -

You are never playing on your own with this "magical" piano.

Nov 21 -

"My Dearest," an original piano cover based on Japanese anime.

Oct 7 -

The Pokemon battle theme played on piano.

Aug 2 -

How to fake piano skills.

Jul 28 -

Unbelievable six-year-old piano player.

Jul 26 -

Memphis QB sticks around to play piano at St. Jude Children's Hospital.

Jul 7 -

Guy buys a 100-year-old saloon piano for $75 and coaxes magic out of it.

Mar 10 -

An impromptu piano act on "Johnny Carson".

Mar 2 -

This is what happens when you switch from classical piano to electronic music.

Feb 17 -

"River Flows in You" piano cover by Sungha Jung.

Jan 7 -

Man plays the piano in the coolest way.

Dec 26 -

Incredible piano cover of Deadmau5's "Strobe".

Nov 17 -

Creepy yet impressive piano juggling.

Nov 1 -

Kid sits down at a public piano, this is what happens...

Oct 5 -

"Titanium" cover by The Piano Guys.

Sep 5 -

This kid is better at piano than you'll ever be.

Aug 17 -

Piano cover of Skrillex's "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites".

Jul 19 -

Five guys on one piano cover "What Makes You Beautiful".

Apr 27 -

Ethan, a six-year-old with autism, plays "Piano Man".

Apr 3 -

Blind 15-year-old plays dubstep song on the piano after only hearing it once.

Mar 26 -

Two guys sing and play "Hallelujah" on the piano.

Feb 3 -

This unplayable song is used to stress test autopianos: "Circus Gallop".

Jan 16 -

Improvised piano playing.

Jan 10 -

Piano solo by Hiromi.

Dec 27 -

Don Cherry's piano desk.

Dec 1 -

Four Hand Piano: "Gerudo Valley Theme".

Nov 18 -

Mario piano score given to man who's never heard it in his life.

Jul 19 -

Lady Gaga's unassisted live solo piano performance on "Howard Stern".

Jun 17 -

"Sweet Child o' Mine" piano cover.

May 19 -

One piano, two guys, 100 cello tracks.

May 7 -

Girl plays piano with no fingers on one hand.

Mar 27 -

World's fastest piano juggler.

Jan 11 -

Dog plays the piano and sings along.

Dec 12 -

Richard Dawkins uses the piano to explain the vastness of geological time.

Nov 14 -

Piano-playing savant: Derek Paravicini.

Sep 1 -

Yann Tiersen: "Le Matin" on piano.

Aug 18 -

A piano lesson with Oscar Peterson.

Apr 18 -

Beautiful piano cover.

Apr 14 -

Elton John was the original piano improv master.

Mar 31 -

Greg Pattillo: "Piano - Flute - Beatbox".

Mar 31 -

Piano freestyle on Chatroulette part two.

Mar 23 -

Ben Folds does live ode to Chatroulette piano guy.

Mar 16 -

Piano freestyle on Chatroulette.

Feb 10 -

Joe Hisaishi: Piano and nine cellos.

Jan 19 -

One Man Band: Piano, flute, beatbox.

Dec 13 -

"Titanic" on piano.

Oct 8 -

Talking piano.

Aug 13 -

Piano balls.

Jun 24 -

Ever seen otter play piano?

May 25 -

World's only piano-playing dog.

May 24 -

Ever seen pianos do this?

May 20 -

Grandpa and grandma play piano.

May 19 -

Girls precisely play giant piano.

May 18 -

Boy plays piano, supports mom's surgery.

May 17 -

Kid plays "Handful of Keys" on piano.

Feb 12 -

World's smallest grand piano.

Jan 30 -

Watch a piano get shredded in seconds.

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