Sep 26 -

Mexico: Hats off, cheers, and bows to Japanese rescue team for their amazing aid after earthquake.

Aug 14 -

Meet the men who rescue cats from super tall trees.

Jun 14 -

Jetboarder rescues flipped over catamaran.

Jun 2 -

Elephants run to greet a new rescued baby elephant.

Feb 28 -

Man rescues a woman and her unborn baby from a car crash.

Feb 5 -

Ice skaters rescue moose trapped in frozen lake.

Dec 30 -

Researchers rescue killer whale stranded on rocks.

Dec 25 -

How to rescue yourself after falling in a frozen lake.

Oct 17 -

Elephant rushes to the rescue.

Aug 8 -

Rescuers save leopard in India.

Aug 2 -

Heroic bystanders form a human chain to rescue woman from flood waters.

Jul 5 -

Rescuing a baby raccoon from the water.

Jul 4 -

Army veteran rescues bald eagle stuck in tree.

Jun 10 -

Neighbor Rescues 90-year-old Woman On The Verge Of Eviction.

Jun 9 -

Rescued Baby Otter Reunited With His Family.

Jun 8 -

Man Rescues Newborn Fawn Stuck In The Road.

Feb 22 -

The Incredible Rescue Of A Cat Found Frozen On A Porch.

Jan 26 -

Sloth Rescued From Side Of The Road In Ecuador.

Jan 22 -

Man Sees Doe Abandon An Injured Fawn, Rescues It.

Jan 16 -

Hiker Rescues 50-pound Pit Bull By Carrying Him All The Way Down A Mountain.

Jan 13 -

Dog Rescued After Canine Companion Alerts Officer Of Her Whereabouts.

Dec 24 -

Rescued Puppy Finds A Friend In A Rescued Kitten.

Dec 7 -

Elephants Rescue Their Baby From A Muddy Hole.

Nov 24 -

Woman Knits Sweaters For Rescued Chickens.

Nov 10 -

Japanese Tech Rope Rescue Makes "Ninja Warrior" Look Easy.

Sep 4 -

Man Finds 50,000 Bees In His Home And Decides To Rescue Them.

Jun 26 -

Two Men Conduct A Rescue Of Some Ducklings From A Storm Grate.

Jun 13 -

Cat Firefighter Comes To The Rescue... Almost.

Jun 3 -

Residents Of An Indian Village Join Forces To Rescue A Leopard From A Well.

May 2 -

Rescued Tigers Have A Blast Playing In Their New Pool.

Apr 27 -

10 Adorable Rescued Pugs Frolic On The Beach.

Apr 20 -

A Rescued Flying Fox Bat Is Pampered With Fresh Grapes.

Mar 28 -

A Police Officer's Body Camera Captures His Heroic Rescue Of A Little Boy From A Burning Home.

Mar 27 -

A Touching Reunion Between A Recently Rescued Baby Bird And Its Parents.

Feb 18 -

This Sweet, Old Dog Gets The Rescue He Desperately Needs.

Jan 30 -

Watch This Amazing Rescue Of A Baby Orangutan.

Jan 29 -

Loyal Canine Attempts Water Rescue.

Dec 20 -

Blind Stray Dog Gets Rescued And Given A Sight-restoring Surgery.

Dec 19 -

Giant Tortoise Rescues Overturned Comrade.

Nov 11 -

This Rescued Dog Is A Perfect Example Of The Empathy And Strength Of Animals..

Oct 2 -

Animal Rescue Workers Save A Dog Who Falls Into A Tar Pit.

Sep 26 -

Pit Bull Reuniting With His Rescuer Will Melt Your Heart.

Sep 20 -

Just A Guy Receiving A Hug From A Rescued Lioness.

Sep 15 -

A Group Of Tough Guys Rescue A Trapped Kitten.

Sep 13 -

A Rescued Basset Hound Plays With Her New Friend.

Sep 12 -

Meet Marnie, The Rescued Dog With The Goofiest Face.

Aug 30 -

Ducklings Get Rescued Out Of A Storm Drain.

Aug 13 -

IKEA Advertises Adoptable Dogs In Stores, Because Every Home Needs A Rescue Pup.

Aug 4 -

Dog Rescued From Puppy Mill Finally Enjoys First Ever Snuggle.

Jul 25 -

Boy Heard Screaming For Help Rescued From Rip Current By Lifeguard.

Jul 8 -

Elephant Cries After Being Rescued Following 50 Years Of Abuse.

Jul 7 -

Lumberjack Rescues Black Bear With Milk Can Stuck On Head.

Jun 21 -

Bumblebee In A Spider's Web Gets Rescued By Another Bumblebee.

Jun 17 -

Man Finds A Puppy In A 350-foot Deep Canyon, Comes Back To Rescue Him.

Jun 6 -

Man Rescues Fawn Stuck In A Gate.

May 19 -

A Special Day For Nine Rescued Beagles.

Mar 27 -

Dog Expresses His Happiness And Gratitude After Being Rescued.

Feb 28 -

Stranded Cat Gets Rescued From Under A Ferry Boat.

Feb 24 -

Hovercraft Drivers Rescue Trapped Deer On A Frozen Lake.

Jan 30 -

Helmet Cam From An Unconscious Skydiver Being Rescued Mid-air.

Nov 25 -

Meet Sam, A Dog Rescued From A Dog Fighting Ring.

Nov 23 -

Pit Bull Abandoned At The Beach Gets Rescued.

Oct 16 -

Abandoned Dog On The Railroad Tracks Gets Rescued.

Oct 10 -

Terrified Dog Gets Rescued.

Sep 27 -

Strangers Rescue An Unconscious Man Who Falls Onto The Subway Tracks.

Sep 1 -

Rescuing A Stray Dog.

Aug 10 -

A Dog Rescue That Will Make You Smile.

Jul 31 -

Pregnant Dog Gets Rescued.

Apr 7 -

A "professional Rescue" Is On Its Way.

Feb 23 -

Russian Sailors Rescue A Dog Stranded On An Iceberg.

Jan 23 -

Mother Koala Comes To Her Baby's Rescue.

Jan 9 -

Touching Rescue Of A Frightened Stray Dog Ends With An Amazing Surprise.

Dec 27 -

Homeless Dog Gets Rescued From Los Angeles River.

Dec 22 -

Pitbull Gets Rescued.

Dec 14 -

Animal Rescue Team Member Gives Chihuahua A New Home.

Nov 16 -

Divers Rescue A Tangled Whale Shark.

Oct 18 -

Baby's Life Is Saved By A Dog The Family Rescued.

Oct 12 -

A Three-legged Dog's Incredible Rescue.

Sep 20 -

Pig Rescues Baby Goat Who Is Stuck In The Water At A Zoo.

Sep 5 -

A Dog Gets Rescued Because Of Google Maps.

Jul 26 -

People Rescue Three Bear Cubs Stuck In Dumpster.

Jul 25 -

Dog Rescues An Injured Girl Trapped In A Canyon.

Jun 10 -

Five Rescued Kittens In A Sink.

Apr 11 -

A Dog Rescued From Euthanasia Showing Her Gratitude.

Apr 8 -

Banker Rescues Ducklings In The Most Heartwarming Way.

Apr 3 -

Dogs Training Day: All These Dogs Are Rescues.

Apr 1 -

Man Rescues A Cat Stuck In A Tree For Four Days.

Mar 29 -

Blind Homeless Dog Rescued.

Mar 22 -

Rescue Of A Wounded, Malnourished Wolf.

Feb 17 -

Mother Elephant Rescues Stuck Baby.

Feb 12 -

Trapped Puppy Rescued From Underground Pipe.

Jan 25 -

Heartbreaking And Beautiful Dog Rescue.

Jan 23 -

Rescue Of A Pitbull Living In A Ditch.

Jan 14 -

Yellow Lab Rescued From Icy River.

Jan 7 -

I Am An Animal Rescuer.

Dec 27 -

Two Guys Rescue Deer From Frozen Lake.

Jul 13 -

Humpback Whale Gives Show After Being Rescued.

May 23 -

Fawn Trapped By Boulder Gets Rescued.

Oct 24 -

Guy Rescues Baby Hummingbird After It Was Attacked.

Oct 12 -

Al Jazeera Shows How The Chilean Miners Will Be Rescued.

Aug 29 -

Firefighters Save Dog's Life By Performing Rescue Breathing.

Aug 24 -

BEAR Robot: All Purpose Robot Used For Search And Rescue.

Jun 11 -

Hero Turtle Rescues Upside Down Turtle.

May 12 -

Mama Bear Rescues Baby Bear From A Tree.

Oct 20 -

Lion Hugs Rescuer.

Sep 22 -

Baby Elephant Rescued.

Sep 1 -

Ducklings Rescued.

May 18 -

Japan: Robot Rescue Team.

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