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Jul 21 - This abandoned dog took a four mile trip every night, so they followed her...
Jul 21 - Dads respond to Disney's "Frozen".
Jul 21 - Perhaps the best explanation of gravity ever.
Jul 21 - Go-anywhere Russian motorbike.
Jul 21 - Deodorant product review goes wrong.

Jul 20 - Rethink homelessness.
Jul 20 - Cycle-Ball: Never seen skill and dexterity like this before.
Jul 20 - Girl gets the best birthday surprise ever and her reaction is priceless.
Jul 20 - The world's smallest nation.
Jul 20 - Take a lesson in relaxation from this cat.

Jul 19 - The first female ever to advance to the American Ninja Warrior finals.
Jul 19 - A four-year-old singing with her dad is the epitome of cute.
Jul 19 - These pets interrupting yoga prove annoying can be adorable.
Jul 19 - Coffee Maker: Pumping water with no moving parts.
Jul 19 - Just a guy helping a motorcycle catch a ride on the bus.

Jul 18 - All supermarkets should do this.
Jul 18 - Joaquin Phoenix's forehead rotated.
Jul 18 - A rookie makes a veteran play.
Jul 18 - Morgan Freeman once played a singing vampire obsessed with vegetables.
Jul 18 - Dog is so happy in his new home, his tail wags as he sleeps.

Jul 17 - Man single-handedly plants a forest larger than Central Park in NYC.
Jul 17 - Two 30-year-old guys lipsync a conversation between two 60-year-old women.
Jul 17 - Acoustic guitar tribute to Daft Punk.
Jul 17 - Cat cuddles with a horse.
Jul 17 - Blindfolded artist mesmerizes with hoop illusion.

Jul 16 - This is what happens when her dad gets home from work.
Jul 16 - View from the top of a tall ship.
Jul 16 - Cleaning a vinyl record with wood glue, wait for the satisfying peel sound...
Jul 16 - Seal befriends woman on the beach.
Jul 16 - Kawasaki: "A monkey never cramps".

Jul 15 - Moving day is serious business in Taiwan.
Jul 15 - Boxer dog has fun playing with paw-activated fountain.
Jul 15 - 100 famous bass lines medley.
Jul 15 - The power of quiet.
Jul 15 - Technology can replace a lot of things, but it will never replace this.

Jul 14 - How to park a go-kart like a boss.
Jul 14 - What makes tattoos permanent?
Jul 14 - Playing with a platypus.
Jul 14 - Boy comforts little girl on first day of preschool.
Jul 14 - Stop motion animation of wood cut millimeter by millimeter.

Jul 13 - 60 seconds that will change how you think.
Jul 13 - Diver saves tangled up sea turtle whose reaction is priceless.
Jul 13 - After all these years, this woman still gets her husband out on the dance floor.
Jul 13 - CGI animals perform stunts in France 3 TV ads.
Jul 13 - Want to innovate? Become a "now-ist".

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