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Jul 27 - Pets make everything better.
Jul 27 - It was a usual day at the retirement home... then this happened.
Jul 27 - The psychology of your future self.
Jul 27 - The quickest and smartest way to slice a watermelon.
Jul 27 - This video describes the most confusing thing about the USA.

Jul 26 - Haha, I can't stop laughing.
Jul 26 - My childhood dreams have finally come true.
Jul 26 - They never expected him to walk, let alone become an athlete.
Jul 26 - Dog passes out from overwhelming joy.
Jul 26 - How the lightsaber sounds from Star Wars were created.

Jul 25 - This is a guaranteed way to make you smile.
Jul 25 - Walk off the Earth covers "Rude" by Magic.
Jul 25 - Boy heard screaming for help rescued from rip current by lifeguard.
Jul 25 - How cooking can change your life.
Jul 25 - Fuel truck makes an insanely sharp U-turn like a boss.

Jul 24 - I hope this makes your day a little better.
Jul 24 - This genius machine helps feed stray dogs and reduces waste.
Jul 24 - Three-year-old drummer plays stunning solo with orchestra.
Jul 24 - How many paper folds does it take to reach the edge of the universe?
Jul 24 - Mountain biker races down staircases in Taxco, Mexico.

Jul 23 - This is guaranteed to make your day better.
Jul 23 - Kayak gets raised up by a whale on the Argentinian coast.
Jul 23 - One of the best passers in the NBA.
Jul 23 - How playing an instrument benefits your brain.
Jul 23 - What happens on 99% of American reality shows.

Jul 22 - It just doesn't get any cuter than this.
Jul 22 - Elderly man hears a song he likes, astounds crowd with what he does next.
Jul 22 - A lesson on life.
Jul 22 - Looking over the shoulder of a watchmaker.
Jul 22 - 5 Second Films: Missing.

Jul 21 - This abandoned dog took a four mile trip every night, so they followed her...
Jul 21 - Dads respond to Disney's "Frozen".
Jul 21 - Perhaps the best explanation of gravity ever.
Jul 21 - Go-anywhere Russian motorbike.
Jul 21 - Deodorant product review goes wrong.

Jul 20 - Rethink homelessness.
Jul 20 - Cycle-Ball: Never seen skill and dexterity like this before.
Jul 20 - Girl gets the best birthday surprise ever and her reaction is priceless.
Jul 20 - The world's smallest nation.
Jul 20 - Take a lesson in relaxation from this cat.

Jul 19 - The first female ever to advance to the American Ninja Warrior finals.
Jul 19 - A four-year-old singing with her dad is the epitome of cute.
Jul 19 - These pets interrupting yoga prove annoying can be adorable.
Jul 19 - Coffee Maker: Pumping water with no moving parts.
Jul 19 - Just a guy helping a motorcycle catch a ride on the bus.

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