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Apr 15 - This juggling is almost unreal...
Apr 15 - The gloves that will "change the way we make music".
Apr 15 - Yawn or yell?
Apr 15 - Father films his daughter as she grows from 0 months to 14-years-old.
Apr 15 - A bird speaks Japanese with his owner.

Apr 14 - A simple technique for cutting cherry tomatoes in half.
Apr 14 - F1 pit stop comparison between the 1950s and today.
Apr 14 - This would definitely make golf more exciting to watch.
Apr 14 - Cat is very happy to see her owner after three days.
Apr 14 - Two grandmothers fly on a plane for the first time.

Apr 13 - The story behind "the most viewed image in the world".
Apr 13 - How to park a motorcycle like a boss.
Apr 13 - What DJs do these days...
Apr 13 - Game of Thrones theme sung by goats.
Apr 13 - Poem: English is crazy.

Apr 12 - Water balloon trampoline prank.
Apr 12 - Innovative traffic light feature by Audi.
Apr 12 - Happy llama.
Apr 12 - Wedding guests receive surprise "Hallelujah" song from priest.
Apr 12 - What is Alzheimer's disease?

Apr 11 - Two little girls have an epic judo battle.
Apr 11 - Carlos Santana reunites with his now homeless drummer.
Apr 11 - Neon sign makers in Hong Kong.
Apr 11 - Kitten cuddles with a horse.
Apr 11 - Amazing Jackie Chan portrait made out of chopsticks.

Apr 10 - Mandy Patinkin on how gentle Andre the Giant was on The Princess Bride.
Apr 10 - The voice of Winnie the Pooh reads Darth Vader's lines from Star Wars.
Apr 10 - Soccer star Daniel Sturridge plays a school camera prank.
Apr 10 - Squeaky baby sloths.
Apr 10 - Why the height of trees relates to the behavior of people.

Apr 9 - Can someone please explain how he did all these tricks?
Apr 9 - An extremely rare sighting of an oarfish, a bizarre deep sea fish.
Apr 9 - Sepaktakraw is one of the coolest sports ever.
Apr 9 - Marvel "shuts down" Don Cheadle's Avengers plot leak.
Apr 9 - The confusing relationship between China, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Apr 8 - Elephant crashes the pool party.
Apr 8 - Player has a penalty to send his team to the playoff finals, but then this happens...
Apr 8 - Classical musicians compete to play their instruments in the weirdest way.
Apr 8 - Dad films his Saturday mornings through Vine for the past three months.
Apr 8 - Unsung heroes are all around us.

Apr 7 - Teacher receives one of the best April Fools' Day pranks ever.
Apr 7 - French Bulldog puppy argues over bedtime.
Apr 7 - SEALs parachute into MLB stadium from their perspective.
Apr 7 - Chemists talk about the most dangerous chemical they've handled.
Apr 7 - A man walks backwards through Tokyo, played in reverse.

Apr 6 - Cat unrolls toilet paper, then politely puts it back.
Apr 6 - Marvin Gaye's isolated vocal tracks are stunning.
Apr 6 - The time you have in jelly beans.
Apr 6 - If Arnold had not become a movie star...
Apr 6 - Pittsburgh Pirates fan makes a great catch.

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